Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card

Some people experience some medical conditions that are not effectively treated with therapeutic interventions or traditional drugs. In such cases, patients may be forced to consider using cannabis for symptom relief and pain and thereby opting to acquire a Medical Marijuana Card. The card is given by certified doctors to patients, allowing them to posses, obtain and cultivate marijuana for medicinal purposes. The cards are issued by countries and states where medical marijuana is recognized.

Medical Marijuana Doctor

Any persons suffering from chronic or serious medical ailment in which other medicines and traditional measures have proofed ineffective may qualify for marijuana treatment. Nonetheless, such individuals must first and foremost consult a qualified health care expert in turn recommends medical marijuana depending on the outcome of some critical evaluations on the patient.

It is important to understand that a recommendation is much more different than a doctor’s prescription which could be filled at a local pharmacy. The federal government classifies cannabis as “Schedule 1 Drug” and hence doctors aren’t allowed to prescribe it. However, they can provide patients with medical cannabis recommendations that abide by the state law, hence allowing patients to either grow them themselves or buy them from a supplier or dispensary, in specified quantities.

Other factors that marijuana doctors take into consideration include the patient’s proof of residency and ones age. One has to above 18 years or older to get this card. For minors, a guardian or parent must accompany you to the doctor.

What is next?

Upon receiving a medical marijuana recommendation, one is qualified to buy, consume, possess, transport and cultivate marijuana, up to the limits of of a state or country. It is at this point that one is also entitled to apply for the Medical Marijuana Card from the relevant authority. Upon finding a nearby dispensary of your choice, the patient is required to bring in either the doctor’s recommendation or the card along with an Identity Card that that verifies state residency as well as proof of identity. However, with a recommendation, many dispensaries, during your first visit, will make a point of calling the recommending doctor for verification.

Finally, once the dispensary verifies your recommendation, it goes on to help in deciding which strain and type of medical cannabis is suitable for treating your condition. There are many strains and types of medical cannabis as well as different products like edibles, tonics, tinctures, etc. Its upon the dispensary staff to assist you explore the best kind of marijuana as well as help you choose which method of medical cannabis is best for you.

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